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Market Force Information, Inc
Certified Field Associates
Become a Certified Field Associate (CFA)
Market Force is a full-service, national field organization providing services including Auditing and Mystery Shopping (excluding Nevada), In-store Merchandising, In-theatre Checking and Material Installation, and many other on-site services. Market Force engages independent contractors (Certified Field Associates) to conduct all of the below services in retail outlets and theatres except for mystery shopping and auditing in Nevada.
There is no charge to register as an independent contractor with Market Force and no fees are ever charged after you register. Additionally, Market Force values your privacy, and does not sell or give any CFA information to any other business entity. The following are some of the services conducted by Certified Field Associates:
Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping is an undercover evaluation of an establishment's service. Specific programs include retail stores, restaurants, movie theatres, banks, and video stores.
Tasks Include
  • Display set up and maintenance
  • Restock and replenish plan-o-gram
  • Product cut in
  • Out-of-stock reporting
  • Reorder and returns processing
  • Assembly and placement point-of-purchase material
  • Inventory work
  • Audit and market research services
Retail Auditing
Retail auditing involves the observation of products, promotional materials, fixtures, etc. at retail locations such as department stores and media stores.
Theatre Checks
These assignments fall primarily on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    Trailer Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to watch and record all trailers on all screens shown prior to the assigned feature.
    Seat Counts: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to count the seats (not patrons!) in each auditorium showing the assigned feature.
    Open Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to count the patrons attending the showtimes of the assigned feature, and collecting box office information at the end of the day.
    Blind Checks: Covertly counting patrons attending all show times of the assigned feature on the assigned day.
Theatrical Promotional Material Installation
Set up/Install standees, banners, window clings, and one-sheets (posters)
Theatre Lobby and On-Screen Ad Checks
Involves checking the ads prior to the trailers, and checking for materials in the lobby and throughout the theatre.
Promotional Material Installations
Installation assignments include setup of promotional materials including standees, one-sheets, banners, window clings, etc.
Independent Contractors must be at least 18 years of age and will conduct services as self-employed. They must be dependable, have good communication skills, and have reliable transportation. Some assignments involve more physical effort than others. With a username and password, Certified Field Associates are able to request and accept assignments online.
  Market Force values your privacy, and does not give or sell any Certified Field Associate information to any other business entity.